Northern Lace Press Cover Series

A series of covers designed for Northern Lace Press.  The first four are for a series of workbooks; the last is a poster for a new book (still in the design stage).  All of these were featured on a printed brochure that will be available at the London Book Fair this week.

NLP Covers_0005_Wkbook 4 NLP Covers_0004_Wkbook 3 NLP Covers_0003_Wkbook 2 NLP Covers_0002_Wkbook 1 NLP Covers_0001_ESS

Day’s Eye Logo

DaysEye Outline type and flattened

Day’s Eye (an early form of the word “daisy”) contracted with me to design a logo based on the work I had done for the Tell Them of Us film and related items.  It was to echo a sister business, Crow’s Eye, but not look exactly the same.  I was able to track down the fonts used in the Crow’s Eye logo and imitate the size and placement of the type.  The icon that accompanies it came about as I was playing with a number of concepts:  camera aperture (the “eye”), eye movement, and gerbera daisies.

Northern Lace Press Logo

NLP Logo Final

This is an example of a great collaboration between the client (Northern Lace Press) and the designer (me).  The client had a rough sketch.  I refined the design and chose the font.  Originally this was all one color (black), but later the client wanted to add color, suggesting blue or green.  We settled on the gradient so that the round symbol could  continue to act both as a ball of yarn and an expression of the earth.

MCR Ad Series

A series of 5 advertisements for a local group of attorneys.  The aim was to highlight specific aspects of their business.  These ads were designed to answer the question, “Why do I need an attorney for . . . ?”

MCR Ads_0000_Franchising MCR Ads_0001_Work Injuries MCR Ads_0002_Estates MCR Ads_0003_Mediation MCR Ads_0004_History