About Judith Brodnicki

Judith Brodnicki has more than 20 years of experience in print production and graphic design.  While studying at the University of Nebraska at Omaha she worked part-time for David Low, cellist, who was touring on a Mid-America Arts Alliance grant.  Judith organized a mass mailing of promotional materials to a five-state region for David.  She also used rudimentary graphics skills (this was before desktop computers) to create letterhead for his press releases.

After graduating with two bachelor’s degrees (one in Music History and the other in Creative Writing), Judith trained on-the-job as a typesetter and traditional graphic designer at Physician’s Mutual Insurance Company in Omaha.  The typesetting was done with a dedicated cold-type system; all layouts were done with X-acto knives, rubber cement, T-squares and blue-line pencils.  From there she took a job at Swanson Russell Associates, a Lincoln-based advertising agency which had recently opened a small office in Omaha.  After that, Judith moved to Bozell, Inc., then the premiere advertising agency in Omaha, where she worked first as a print production assistant and later as a media assistant.

In every position she worked, Judith used her creative skills and organizational ability to produce excellent graphics on deadline.

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